• Picomaster UV Direct Laser Writer

    The Picomaster is a versatile UV Laser
    Writer with ultra high precision components,
    specifically designed to give the user the
    highest degree of freedom to create
    micro structures in photo sensitive layers.

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  • Handling & Shipping

    Product for safe substrate handling,
    transfer or sorting of wafers. Solutions
    for shipping and storage of substrates.

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  • Wet Process

    Process equipment for heated DI water and
    chemical supply, including chemical pumps, PFA
    fittings and process baths or wet etch equipment.

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  • Thin Films

    Systems for thin films, ranging from CVD and ALD
    atomic layer deposition to gas filters and heating
    elements for diffusion ovens.

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  • Photolithography

    Products for safe storage and
    handling of reticles, as well as mask
    aligners and uv meters.

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