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Do you want an Eco-Friendly UV LED Mask Aligner?

Align sustainability and economics in your next generation Mask Aligners

without concessions to the resolution.

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Mask aligner with UV light mask lightsources use significantly less energy compared to conventional mercury vapor lamps. The lights of the Midas mask aligner do not need to warm-up and cool-down. No need for the cooling fan, filters or shutter. The LED lightsource is only switched on during the actual exposure process. And UV light mask  sources have a much longer life-time. In terms of health, safety and environmental protection, the LED technology provides a significant improvement in the mask alignment.

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"I have been using the Midas mask aligner MDA-400LJ system for half a year, and I am quite happy to work with it. The LED light source makes the exposure condition highly reproducible, and the fully-manual operation is also convenient. I think it is a good and affordable choice for labs which use photolithography occasionally and not dedicated to it."

Midas systems are installed in many countries. The MDA-400 series references are in following list:
 UK - Cranfield university - Bristol Univeristy Spain - Santiago Univeristy Fagor Portugal - University of Minho Poland  - Wroclaw Univeristy of Technology Russia - 30 system Turkey - 7 system

Our mask aligner benefits:
  • Save on energy
  • Maintenance-free tool
  • Safe usage
  • 50.000 hours light source lifetime

Maks aligner
quick to use

People in the lab can use the mask aligner of Midas safely and efficiently after only a very short training period.

UV light mask
save on energy

50,000 hours of energy efficient and safe mask alignment, without concession to accuracy ( < ±1.0µm)!

Mask aligners
testing and services

Excellent support and free sample testing from own test lab.

Full service support by our own service engineers.