Refractometer PR-33-S - Concentration Monitoring

Do you want to monitor the concentration of

your fab chemicals in real-time?

Reduce the variation of mean average of the product concentration?

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SPS-Europe is proud to offer K-Patents technology to determine the concentration of dissolved solids. K-Patents process refractometers use the optical measurement of a solutions refractive Index. In-line concentration measurement can be used as a real-time predictive tool for the final concentration.
Cost reduction is possible by reducing the variation of mean average of the product concentration.

Download the Application Note on Real-time Chemical Monitoring – Validation of Refractive Index and FT-NIR Technologies in Concentration Measurement of Water in EKC265. Click here

K-Patents Refractometer PR-33-S is the best way to measure concentrations.
  • Direct optical measurement
  • Precise
  • No calibration drift
    ✓    Hardcoded parameters
  • No regular maintenance
  • Zero consumables

Real-time monitoring
of applications

- Bulk chemical systems
- KoH etch of silicon
- Post-etch wafer cleaning
- CMP slurries


The K-Patents refractometer offers remote usability with a web browser, as well as a
diagnostics display.

No measurement error caused by:

- Bubbles
- Colour
- Impurities in ppm-range


Several major fabs worldwide prefer the K-Patents process refractometers for applications in titanium etching, for HNO3 monitoring, for HF/H2SO4/HNO3 monitoring or H2O2 monitoring in peroxide, as well as for measuring the DI water content in EKC solvents.