Vacuum tip for safe wafer handling

Are you looking for a vacuum tip for

safe wafer handling?

Prevent scratching when picking up the wafer from a cassette?

for the T691PKAS-002, T692PKAS-002 and T693PKAS-002

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Have a look at our anti-static PEEK vacuum tips with UMHW-tape, applied only to the backside. The thin molded T691PKAS-002, T692PKAS-002 or T693PKAS-002 tips are suitable for use with a standard Normally Open PEEK Press-Fit vacuum wands.
  • These thin, straight vacuum tips are made of rigid carbon filled PEEK for ESD safe substrate handling
  • General operation up to 245°C (with the UHMW tape suitable for continuous use up to 93°C)
  • The 3 degree bend and knife-edge make it easier to pick up a wafer out of a 25-slot carrier.
"Preferred vacuum tip (in 8” version) of several major wafer fabs in Germany and France."

Different types of
vacuum tips

>200 different types of vacuum tips for many different sizes, shapes weights and materials of wafers, substrates, and dies.

Vacuum tips for chemical environments

SPS-Europe offer an extraordinary number of different types of vacuum tips for a complete range of temperature and chemical environments.

25-slot process

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