Wafer Cassettes and Carriers

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SPS-Europe supplies a wide variety of high quality
Wafer Carriers and Wafer Cassettes.

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Metal Carriers     Custom Cassettes     Plastic Process Boats     SEMI standard 

Increased cleanliness standards and robotic handling in semiconductor wafer fabs require a non-contaminating, stable wafer cassette with high mechanical interface capability. Our wafer cassettes & shipping carriers are available for any application in different materials and sizes: including hard clear anodized aluminum, and electro polished nickel. We offer high vacuum metal cassettes and 316SST stainless Steel for bake-out processes up to 550˚C. We supply process boats in various high grade plastics, including Teflon® carriers
Benefits of our cassettes and process boats:
  • Non-contaminating, non-deforming
  • SEMI-standard, suitable for robot handling
  • Clean and secure wafer protection

Metal Carriers &
SST Cassettes

Where wafer positioning is
important or where elevated temperatures cause warpage to other carriers

High Temperature
Bake Cassettes SST

Stainless steel (316SST) wafer cassette for high temperature wafer bake-out applications.  Maximum continuous operating temperature up to 550˚C without causing distortion.

Process Boats

The PFA process cassettes are ideal for wet chemistry processing and are made to the industry standard designs. This makes them suitable as drop in replacement for your current PFA cassettes.