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Safe shipping & Storage    Effective wafer transport solutions   ESD Safe

Your product is an expensive one. You put great effort in it. You want to protect it from transport damage. We offer you safe wafer transport solutions. To protect your product from harm during wafer handling or inspection. Or simply assure safe wafer shipping en storage of wafers within the fab and from facility to facility. Over 30 years of semiconductor process engineer experience are at your service!

Safe thin wafer handling

Products for safe substrate handling, wafer transfer or sorting of wafers full range. Also contact us for solutions for safe wafer shipping and storage.

Our products:

Safe wafer shipping

Safe and effective wafer shipping boxes for any material to protect against transport damage full range. Wafer carrier trays

Our products:

Wafer shipping products

Wafer storage products

Safe wafer storage

Storage solutions to protect you wafer from outgassing or moisture full range.

Our products: