Innovative Products for Semiconductor Processes

Looking for second source or the original OEM parts?
Upgrade your existing SAT, SST or CMP tool? Safe handling of thin wafers?

Every day, you are being challenged, to create smaller and more powerful microchips in the cleanest and most
cost-efficient way possible. With the expertise of SPS Europe in wafer handling tools and wet process equipment,
we offer you a wide range of semiconductor equipment products and customized solutions for all your major
process steps. Read more>

Why SPS-Europe?

  • Since 1988
  • Customized solutions
  • Personal contact
  • Wide product range
  • 7 local offices

SPS-Europe offers you


Refurbish your existing tool? Finding the right part? Dedication towards our customers and flexibility in finding the right solution, combined with application knowledge and fast supply logistics.

Wide product range

Fast supply from stock? SPS-Europe stock well over 9,000 parts for wafer handling, vacuum wands, wafer shipping boxes to in-line heaters, chemical pumps and fittings for wet process applications.

Custom solutions

Looking for a 1:1 replacement? Or improve on your existing semiconductor equipment? We offer original OEM-parts for wet process equipment, robot refurbishment and Semitool upgrades.

Select productgroup and find your product


Handling & Shipping

Products for safe substrate handling, transfer or sorting
of wafers. Solutions for shipping and storage of substrates.



Process equipment for heated DI water and
chemical supply, including chemical pumps, PFA
fittings and process baths or wet etch equipment.


Thin Films

Systems for thin films, ranging from CVD and ALD atomic layer
deposition to gas filters and heating elements for diffusion ovens.



Products for safe storage and handling of reticles,
as well as mask aligners and spin coaters.


SPS-Europe in numbers

Semiconductor companies buy from us

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4" UV LED mask aligner

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PicoMaster direct laser writer

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Spin coaters

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" Thanks to you (Rein) and your team we had a brilliant support. "
Dr. Michael Dalmer, Director of Sales



" I would like to thank SPS-Europe B.V.
(Rein de Groot, Alessandro Barilaro, and many others)
for a great collaboration, starting from the first ideas
for developing a modular, flexible tool for precise bulk silicon
wet etching, till its final installation and setup. "
Dr. Knut Gottfried

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