4" Mask Aligner and Exposure System - 350W UV Lamp

Part number: MDA-40FA
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Part number
Substrate size
4" (100mm)
System type
Fully Automatic
Light source
350W UV Lamp

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Mask Aligners Brochure 2017


Product description

4" Mask Aligner and Exposure System - 350W UV Lamp

Model: MDA-40FA

The MDA-40FA is a brand new model and represents next generation of Full-Field lithography systems. The brand new Full Auto Aligner platform offers a higher Overlay Accuracy and more reliable operation. It is great for LED. This Machine has a higher productivity and is includes user friendly controls.

  • Type: Full automatic (Mask Aligner)
  • Mask size up to 7" x 7"
  • Substrate size: up to 6"
  • UV lamp & Power: 350W & power supply
  • Uniform beam size: 6.25" x 6.25"
  • Beam Uniformity: <3%
  • Beam wavelength: 350 ~ 450nm
  • 365nm Intensity: ~25mW/cm2
  • Alignment accuracy: 1um
  • Process resolution: 1um@1um PR thickness with vacuum contact
  • Process mode: Soft, Hard, Vacuum contact & Proximity
  • Substrate chuck moving: x,y,z & ? (Motorized)
  • Pre-aligner: 50um