UH118 Semi-Automatic Wafer Cleaning System

Part number: UH118
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Up to 12" (300mm)

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UH118 Semi-Automatic Wafer Cleaning System

The Model UH118 Wafer Cleaning System provides an optimal solution for cleaning wafers after dicing or scribing. Capable of cleaning either 12" or 8" (film frame mounted) wafers semiautomatically, the UH118 is fully programmable via a touchscreen LCD panel, eliminating operator variables. The system is microprocessor-controlled to ensure precise, flexible, uniform, and repeatable cleaning. Ten programs with up to 99 different cleaning/rinsing/drying steps of up to 999 seconds maximum can be stored for different processes. Further, brush speed is programmable, and an the workstage height (with built-in safety interlock) is electronically adjustable by simply entering substrate thickness. The Model UH118 provides dual-liquid additive capability through independent channels, in addition to the separate DI water channel. For more efficient drying, the unit is equipped with a dual heater system and a new 300 rpm air knife-assisted low-spin cycle. The Model UH118 takes wafer cleaning to the next level.

  • Large brush accommodates 12" (300mm) wafers
  • Or 8" (200mm) wafer with frame
  • Microprocessor control:
  • Ensures precise, flexible, uniform, and repeatable cleaning
  • Wafer cleaning with DI water and up to 2 different additives
  • Dual heater, hot air over the wafer surface for faster drying
  • Programmable stage/chuck height adjustment
  • Interchangeable chuck capability
  • Programmable brush rotation speed
  • Programmable wash, rinse, and dry cycles
  • Store 10 programs
  • Each program includes 99 different clean/rinse/dry steps
  • Maximum 999 seconds per step
  • Non-volatile memory for program storage
  • Spin dry (at 300 rpm)
  • Standard wafer/wafer carrier chuck with vacuum hold (Specify wafer/wafer carrier size)

  • Standard Brush or Soft Brush